Nsight is a market leader and will remain so by providing customer-driven telecommunication services in a personalized manner. Nsight will operate with the attitude of a locally owned company. It will strive to engage the full potential of its employees through empowerment.

Nsight will be a major regional telecommunications provider in the Upper Midwest. Nsight will acquire strategic properties to enhance its growth. In a synergistic way Nsight will expand in market areas, product lines, and operations.

Nsight will remain on the leading edge through appropriate use of existing and emerging technologies.

Nsight will remain true to the high ethical standards of its heritage. This includes trust from its peers, integrity to its customers, honesty and fairness to its employees, and betterment of its communities.

Nsight will operate in an efficient manner, maintain financial stability, and emphasize long-term growth and profitability, thereby providing opportunities for its people and an appropriate return for its shareholders.